Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Deciphering Cisco Prime License Manager: What is using what licenses, how can I tell which users are being counted as CUWL Std? How do I know which users are Enhanced?

Hi Guys

Remember that funny joke Cisco told us a few years ago? How they where going to make licensing for CUCM way easier? How everything would be so much better with Prime License Manager? Ha Ha they are so funny!

But seriously, short of having a certificate program for their licensing, Cisco Licensing for collaboration platforms remains incredibly difficult and confusing, especially when it comes to maintenance.

To help make a bit more sense of it all, this post will be continously updated as I find out new licensing issues and how to resolve them.

One of the first issues I ever encountered was working out exactly why some users where being classified as enhanced, some as enhanced plus, some as CUWL STd, etc. etc. It has always been very confusing to me to work out WHY

Thankfully, in CUCM 10.5 to Cisco's full credit there is a tool that can help you determine this:

Go to System -> Licensing -> License Usage report and you should see a helpful screen like this one:

As you can see, on the right hand side you can actually click the report to get a list of the users who are consuming particular types of licenses, this really helps narrow it down. You may find that after you make changes to these users to try and avoid the license count issues you will have to click update usage details, as well as sync the product instance in your prime license manager.


  1. To be fair, this existed in CUCM 9.x too.

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