Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Cisco Unity Connection Call back feature

Hi Guys!

This was a feature a customer of mine wanted quite a bit, but I could not find it anywhere!

Main reason is, it's not always called "call back", infact the "Feature" call back on unity connection is some crazy feature in unity connection where if you hang up before a message is finished when you ring back within a certain timeframe it automatically resumes the call from where you left off. I think that's a solution looking for a problem.

Anyway let's talk about traditional callback, so what I specifically mean here is, a user gets a voicemail left for them, they want to call back that caller who the left the message by pressing a button on the phone.

The button they need to press is:


This is NOT an option presented to you unless you select "more options" for the message, it's not a default option so it was a PITA to find out this option exists

Here is the user guide showing all the options users can press during a call

OK, a few things you might want to check if this does not work, first of all the user must have the ability to "reply" enabled in their Class of Service:

If you still get a voicemail greeting instead of transferring to someone who left you a message, if they are an internal user, check that users transfer rules:

If it's an external person, think about how the number is being presented to Cisco Unity, are you dropping the leading 0 or leading 9 for an outside line before sending it to unity? if so you will need to prefix it when unity sends the call back out to CUCM using any method of your choosing.

It can also be the restriction table within unity itself, the table used is the Default Transfer restriction table, be sure to look at that and make sure the number is allowed to be dialled:


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