Tuesday, July 29, 2014

How to configure Call monitoring for UCCX

Hi Guys!

UCCX is a great contact center. The supervisor desktop, which I always dismissed as not being that good, actually has some great new features that we will cover off later. For now I am going to talk about how to configure UCCX Call monitoring.

Call monitoring allows you to listen in on an agents conversation, it plays through your PC speakers. The call does NOT have to be an ACD calls because it basically works via SPAN.

The way it works is that the agent software sends the RTP stream to the supervisors PC, it does this because the phone has "SPAN to PC" option configured.

This is found under the phone itself:

Next, you simply select an recording server for the user. This is found under the Desktop administration drop box in the corner of UCCX (top right hand corner)

On the side menu, expand out multiline, monitoring and recording and select VoIP monitoring device

We are done! Setup is ready to go, you will need to relogin to the agent and supervsior and don't forget to reset the phone.

From here you simply go to the supervisor desktop, highlight the user and click "voice monitor"
That's it! Easy as that


  1. Supervisor ID need to be in "number" for remote monitoring to work

  2. Is ther eany way to send the agent's voice stream to the supervisor's phone instead of the computer where CSD is installed?

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