Tuesday, March 20, 2012

CCIE DC More information!

Hi Guys

I am at Cisco Live Melbourne as per my previous blog posts and have found out more about the CCIE Data Center for you, you probably have already heard that the first written exam will be available May with the lab to follow in September.

I have also now confirmed the following:
  • For the short term (1 to 2 years) this will NOT replace the SAN CCIE, Repeat: the SAN CCIE will not be replaced
  • There will not be a HUGE emphasis on fibre channel, because as mentioned, this is NOT the SAN CCIE
  • Cisco understand the rack rental issue and understand it will cause major problems for quite a few people, however they have committed that they will have rack rentals available for this (assuming through the Cisco 360 program) (I was thinking about this too, if I was IPExpert or another vendor of training materials I would be looking at using VDC to my advantage in terms of offering multiple racks)
  • CCNP DC and CCNA DC will be following soon
  • Troubleshooting will be a big part of this exam (as can be deduced from the blueprint), I couldn't get him to commit if it was going to have troubleshoot tickets like the CCIE R&S but the implication was that yes it would. 
I have been promised a date for the lab rentals by Friday when we do the breakout session for the CCIE DC, so I will try and keep you all informed :)


  1. Great news! I'll be following!

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