Saturday, December 3, 2011

WAN Acceleration: It Does Work, even for Teleworkers (An introduction to Cisco WAAS Mobile)

Hi Guys

So this video blog post is yet more evidence (as if there was not enough overwhelming evidence already) that YES, WAN acceleration _really_ does work, and it can give huge benefits to your end users.

This particular blog post though deals with a product called Cisco WAAS Mobile.

So WAN acceleration has typically been targeted at the branch: You put a WAN accelerator out at the branch office(s), you have a WAN accelerator at your head office, and therefore everyone at the branch office(s) accessing resources at your head office gets a great experience. Easy right?

Ok, so what about your teleworkers, people connected over the internet maybe with 3G or 4G cellular networks, and they have a VPN client and they need access to CIFS just like you, they need to get to the intranet, etc. etc.

This is the area for Cisco WAAS Mobile, Cisco WAAS mobile consists of a client and a server application, the server application sits on your LAN, while you install the client on your teleworker PC's. The client connects up to the server and then acts as a WAN accelerator for all the users traffic. It works _EXTREMELY_ well, as you will witness in my video

Video is located here:

CIFS file copying goes from maybe 300k a second over a 2 megabit link (showing how damn badly written CIFS is) to 1.8 megabits, objects are cached (including pictures) which makes downloading similai documents that much faster, and the end user is happy as he gets a LAN like experience over the WAN.

Cisco WAAS Mobile is available as a 30 day trial! anyone struggling with remote teleworkers having a bad experience I strongly encourage you to give it a 30 day Trial and see how you like it!

I hope this helps someone out there


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